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BloodLab Blood Bank Management System is a browser based solution that is designed to store, process, retrieve and analyze information concerned with the administrative, inventory management and clinical aspects of providing services within a blood bank.

All Data is Secured

The main purpose of a secure online blood bank system is to simplify and automate the process of searching for blood in case of emergency and maintain the records of blood donors, recipients, blood donation programs and blood stocks in the bank in a safe, secure manner.

Always Free

This free project by Doctors Explain consists of a central repository containing various blood deposits available along with associated details. These details include blood type, storage area and date of storage.

100% Automated

The system can generate a report to summarize all records including blood donation, blood requests and blood stock for the administrator.


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Bloodlab is committed to advancing public policies that promote safety, increase availability, and spur innovation.

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What Blood Donors say

Architecto corporis voluptate ut iure veritatis tempore vitae. Minima ea provident eaque.

Dr. Romero decided to take the challenge, setting a goal of becoming a donor and promoter, trying, if possible to be able to carry out this laudable job often. Based on these arguments, she did her blood donation, and also encouraged her daughter to come with her to keep her company and to do the first blood donation together.

Maritza Romero. Local Hero from PAHO Nicaragua
(55 times donor)

I have five children—three sons and two daughters. Each of my three sons had birth defects, and two required major surgeries. We were able to count on blood donations from strangers to help our sons survive those traumatic surgeries and recoveries. I am grateful for the chance to help other parents whose child is facing a health crisis. I donate blood and want to inspire other parents to donate.

Paige Norton
(54 times donor)

I worked at Huntsman Cancer Institute and had a chance to see firsthand how important blood donations were to the patients. Cancer patients sometimes need blood or platelet donations to heal. I donate to help these patients.

Annika Vaughan
(23 times donor)

There is a sickle cell anemia patient for whom my blood type and blood proteins match. After I donate, I receive a call from a staff member at ARUP Blood Services to tell me that my blood was used to help that patient and to thank me for the donation.

(5 times donor)

A friend of mine donated more than 55 gallons of blood in his lifetime and challenged his friends to help. I am answering his challenge to help others.

Daniel Fry
(3 times donor)

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